DUOLANG Best selling Personal Wearable air purifier Necklace

Title goes here.Personal mini wearable air purifier1, million negative ions: 20 million negative ions released, stable release of high concentration of negative oxygen ions,bringing clean air, negative ions and oxygen combine to form vitamins in the air2, high-end design: one button, simple and elegant appearance, small and exquisite, 0 noise, 0 radiation, pregnant women and babies feel safe to use 3, purification of harmful substances: fast, efficient and safe purification area of 1m³, can purify dust, smog, second-hand smoke, formaldehyde PM2.5, resist various pollutants, and ensure your health4, Faster charging: only need 1.5hours charging time, quickly than many other models. 5, Long working time: 12 hours working one charge, can use 1 day. 6,There are 4 power indicator lights, which are all on when fully charged, and 3 lights are on when 75% power is left; 50% power is on, 2 lights are on; 25% power is on one light.